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For Experts: Say goodbye to the endless cycle of networking and costly PR. Our directory puts you in front of health and wellness shows actively seeking the next expert to feature.

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How It Works: Your Path to Amplified Exposure

Step 1: Sign Up & Create Your Profile

For Experts: Fill out your detailed profile with your expertise, experience, and what you bring to the table.

For Shows: Register and describe your platform, audience demographics, and the type of experts you are looking to feature.

Step 2: Explore & Connect

For Experts: Browse media platforms looking for speakers like you. Use our search tools to find the perfect fit for your expertise.

For Shows: Search our extensive directory of health and wellness professionals. Filter by specialty, experience, and availability to find your next guest.

Step 3: Engage & Collaborate

For Experts & Shows: When you find a match, use our in-platform messaging to reach out, discuss potential collaborations, and book engagements.

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  • Visibility? We've got you covered.

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The Promise of Presence

Experts: Elevate your profile with listings that get you seen – and heard.

Shows: Discover a diverse roster of passionate professionals ready to amplify your programming.

Busting the Myths

Who says you need to be a household name to be featured? Not us. Our experts often become household names because they're featured.

Who says finding the right voice is like finding a needle in a haystack? Not on our watch. Our shows find their perfect match in minutes, not months.

The Common Pitfalls

You might think you're doing all you can to be discovered or to find that ideal guest. But if you're not on the Healthcare Amplified Hub, you're working too hard with too little to show for it.

The Secret Sauce

Our hub is more than a directory – it's a dynamic meeting ground for experts and media outlets. It’s a tool that works for you, opening doors to opportunities previously out of reach.

The Road Less Traveled

Forget cold calls, forget spamming inboxes. The new path to success runs through our Hub.

Our Unique Solution

We're not just a directory. We're a platform for promotion, a community for collaboration, and a conduit for connection.

Stand Out with Our Standout Offer

Join today for a FREE listing. See the power of the Hub for yourself, with zero risks.

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Overcome the Skepticism

Quality and relevance? Our vetting process ensures it.

A dynamic database? Updated in real-time for real opportunities.

Addressing Your Doubts

Value and ROI: See success stories and testimonials from those who’ve grown with us.

Effort Wasted? Our satisfaction guarantee means you’ll find value or you won’t pay a dime.

Hear It from Our Hub

"I wasn’t sure about signing up... but within a month, I was booked for three shows. Healthcare Amplified Hub made it happen." - Dr. Jane R., Nutritionist"

We struggled to find reliable guests until we tapped into the Hub. Now, we have a roster of go-to experts at our fingertips." - Mike T., Podcast Host

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1. What is Healthcare Amplified Hub?

Healthcare Amplified Hub is a comprehensive directory that connects health and wellness experts with media platforms such as podcasts, YouTube channels, radio, and TV shows. It serves as a bridge to foster collaboration and amplify voices in the healthcare community.

2. Who can benefit from using the Hub?

Our platform is designed for health and wellness experts who want to gain exposure and media platforms seeking knowledgeable, engaging speakers for their audience of patients, caregivers, and clinicians.

3. How do you ensure the quality of experts on the directory?

We have a thorough vetting process that includes verifying credentials, reviewing previous speaking engagements, and assessing the relevance and value they bring to our audience

4. Is there a cost associated with listing or finding experts on the Hub?

Experts can join with a free trial listing to experience the benefits of our service. Shows can search and connect with their first expert for free. We offer various subscription plans for continued use after the trial period.

5. How frequently is the directory updated?

The directory is updated in real-time as new experts join and as existing members update their profiles or availability

6. Can experts list multiple specializations?

Yes, experts can list multiple areas of expertise to increase their visibility across various health and wellness categories.

7. What if I can’t find a match for my show's needs?

Our customer support team is always ready to assist you in refining your search to find the perfect expert for your program.

8. What kind of exposure can experts expect by being on the Hub?

Experts get the opportunity to be featured on various media platforms aligned with their expertise, increasing their reach to a broader audience and potential collaborative opportunities.

9. How can I maximize my presence on the Hub?

We recommend completing your profile with detailed information, including your areas of expertise, past appearances, and what you can bring to an audience. Regular updates and engagement can also enhance visibility.

10. Is there a way to track the results I get from using the Hub?

We provide tools and insights for experts and shows to track engagements and connections made through the Hub, giving you a clear view of the results.

11. What kind of support do you offer to users of the Hub?

We offer comprehensive support through email, phone, and live chat to ensure our users can make the most out of our platform.

12. Can I leave feedback or rate my experience with a speaker or show?

Yes, we encourage feedback and ratings as it helps maintain the quality of our community and informs others’ decisions on the Hub.

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