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Innovation at its Core: Innovation is in our DNA. As a content creator, you'll be part of a cutting-edge community that embraces change, disrupts norms, and shapes the future of healthcare communication.

Community Collaboration: Join a community where collaboration isn't just encouraged – it's celebrated. Our podcast serves as a platform for networking, idea exchange, and finding like-minded collaborators who share your vision for a healthier world.

Expert Insights: Tap into our deep pool of expertise. We provide you with the latest insights, trends, and solutions in the healthcare space, ensuring that your content remains credible, relevant, and impactful.

Empowerment and Growth: We're not just about amplifying voices; we're about amplifying your growth. From monetization strategies to expert guidance, we're dedicated to ensuring your journey as a content creator is smooth and impactful.

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Meet Our Hosts

Sabrina Runbeck

After working a Physician Associate and a Public Health Practitioner across 11 major healthcare systems across the U.S., Runbeck has channeled her expertise into co-founding PulsePoint Path. As the CEO, she empowers established healthcare technology companies to quickly scale into multi-8-figure enterprises. Sabrina's insights into business advancement and healthcare innovation will guide our discussions toward actionable change.

John Largent

Serving as the CEO of Texas Podcast Network and Gameday Media Enterprise, Largent is a podcasting and audiobook production enthusiast. His passion lies in amplifying the stories of celebrities, non-profit organizations, and corporations.

Largent's experience in amplifying impact through media brings a unique perspective to "Healthcare Amplified.

 Zack Demopoulos

With over two decades in the healthcare industry and 13 years leading a home care agency, Demopoulos brings a deep understanding of the challenges faced by caregivers and healthcare professionals.

As a caregiver advocate, he's here to offer insights and support for those balancing work and caregiving responsibilities.

Episode 1: Empowering Healthcare Creators

"Why We Are Creating Healthcare Amplified Podcast - Intro to the Collective and Summit"

In this episode, we lay the foundation for the Healthcare Amplified movement. Discover the story behind our podcast and our thriving community. Learn about the Healthcare Amplified Collective, where creators come together for growth, support, and collaboration. Get a sneak peek into the transformative Healthcare Amplified Summit and how you can be a part of it. Are you ready to make a change? Join us and be part of the movement!

Episode 2: The Power of Your Voice

"Leveraging Your Voice to Create Positive Change"

Explore the difference between dwelling in complaint and propelling change through solutions. Discover the power of your voice and how it can be a catalyst for positive transformation in the healthcare sphere. Learn to leverage the right circles of support to amplify your impact and foster growth through collaboration. This episode introduces you to the Healthcare Amplified Collective, where your voice becomes an instrument of change.

Episode 3: Elevating Your Content Creation

"Navigating Challenges and Elevating Your Content Creation"

Launching, maintaining, and growing a healthcare-focused podcast, radio show, or TV show can be challenging. In this episode, we delve into the common hurdles content creators face and provide strategies to overcome them. We introduce you to the Healthcare Amplified Collective, where we provide expert support to launch, produce, and amplify your shows, letting you focus on delivering high-quality content.

Episode 4: Monetizing Your Impact

"Monetizing Your Content and Generating Impact"

Monetization isn't reserved for those with large followings. Discover how to monetize your content even if you have a few followers. We unveil the innovative approach of the Healthcare Amplified Collective, where we leverage large sponsors to create monetization opportunities for all our members. Learn how we transform your content into Continuous Medical Education (CME) courses, opening new avenues for monetization. Join us and turn your passion into profit.

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